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WWE news: Daniel Bryan injury is a 'serious' concussion

WWE: Daniel Bryan to miss weeks with concussion
WWE: Daniel Bryan to miss weeks with concussion

The Daniel Bryan injury suffered on last week's episode of "WWE Monday Night Raw" looks like it will be serious enough to keep Bryan out of action at the upcoming "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view. According to PWS on Jan. 19, the word backstage is that Bryan may miss several weeks.

This is really bad news for the WWE, who just fast switched Bryan back into a face thanks to the public attention that was given to a Michigan State Spartans celebration last week where a member of the football team got the entire crowd to start chanting "Yes" shortly after the WWE turned Bryan heel.

Because ESPN picked it up, the WWE cancelled their long term plans to stretch out Bryan's heel turn. However, in the match where Bryan turned on Bray Wyatt and turned face again, he suffered the major concussion.

Daniel Bryan finished the match and never missed a spot. He then scaled to the top of the steel cage and led the crowd in a "Yes" chant, but after that some officials came down to the ring, laid Bryan down and examined him. Backstage, Bryan admitted that he didn't remember hardly any of the steel cage match.

Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt were going to wrestle at the "Royal Rumble" next Sunday, but now it looks like Bryan will be out until closer to the "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view. There was also small talk of Bryan competing in the "Royal Rumble" match as a clear fan favorite, but now the chance of Bryan main eventing "Wrestlemania 30" has been eliminated.