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WWE news: Daniel Bryan injured on 'WWE Monday Night Raw'

Daniel Bryan injury: Concussion suffered at Raw
Daniel Bryan injury: Concussion suffered at Raw

Daniel Bryan sitting on top of the steel cage, getting all the fans chanting "Yes" along with him on "WWE Monday Night Raw," was a huge moment. However, reported on Jan. 15 that Bryan barely remembers the event because he suffered a concussion in the match.

This is horrible news for the WWE because the moment was huge and they need to follow up on it to keep the heat as strong as it is on the Daniel Bryan vs. Wyatt Family feud. However, with concussions being as important to the WWE as they are right now, Bryan won't be back until he is cleared by doctors.

There is some fear that the sudden face turn for Bryan, only two weeks after joining The Wyatt Family, will hurt The Wyatt Family and make them look very bad. There is a way the WWE could use this legitimate Daniel Bryan injury to give the family some of their heat back to keep them as serious threats in the mind of WWE fans.

There is no word on when the Daniel Bryan concussion occurred, but he was able to scale the cage and was still going full speed at the end of the match. After things ended, Bryan said he didn't really remember much of the match, so either the concussion happened early on or it was a serious concussion that caused some memory loss.

When Dolph Ziggler suffered his first concussion last year, he lost memory of around three days. This Daniel Bryan injury is also considered a severe concussion, which could eliminate Bryan from competition at the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view, which could also eliminate him from a possible WWE World Championship match at "Wrestlemania 30."