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WWE news: Daniel Bryan has to make it to 'Money in the Bank' or lose title

Daniel Bryan, WWE
Daniel Bryan, WWE
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation just cleared itself up on this week’s episode of “WWE Monday Night Raw.” The WWE also took the opportunity to give themselves some breathing room. On the show on Monday night, Stephanie McMahon came out and said that Daniel Bryan will defend his title against Kane at the “WWE Money in the Bank” pay-per-view, and if he doesn’t he will vacate the title.

The match against Kane will be a stretcher match, which goes against the original thought that the two WWE wrestlers would face off in a buried alive match. However, if Bryan is unable to wrestle by then, that will be two pay-per-view events in a row that he can’t compete, which makes stripping him of the title an obvious choice. If he can’t wrestle, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the event, the winner of the Money in the Bank match will win the title.

Normally, the winner of the Money in the Bank ladder match receives a briefcase that they can cash in at any time for the title shot. There has only been two times that the Money in the Bank winner didn’t win the title, the first with John Cena and the second with Damien Sandow. This would allow the WWE title to hang above the ring instead of a briefcase and guarantee the winner the title.

Daniel Bryan underwent neck surgery and there is a good chance he won’t be able to be back in time for “WWE Money in the Bank.” The normal recovery time for the surgery Bryan had is two to three months. The WWE really wanted Bryan back for “WWE Money in the Bank.” If he isn’t back by then, he will lose his title and might be back the next month at “WWE Battleground.”

The “WWE Monday Night Raw” announcement by Stephanie McMahon about Daniel Bryan’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship was met by John Cena. Cena came in and took up for Bryan, explaining why Bryan is scared to give up his title. It all makes a good story and “WWE Money in the Bank” will see the resolution.