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WWE news: Daniel Bryan had an affair with his physical therapist, Megan Miller

According to an Aug. 12 report from, the WWE introduced its newest divas superstar during the live taping on WWE Monday Night Raw in Portland. Megan Miller, real name Chelsea Green, was revealed as Daniel Bryan's physical therapist, and she cut a slick promo in the middle of the ring with the assistance of WWE head honcho Stephanie McMahon.

WWE superstar Daniel Bryan had an affair with his physical therapist
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Miller, a former ECCW and PWA wrestler, announced to the crowd that she had an affair with Bryan. That news wasn't pleasing to the ears of Bryan's real-life wife, Brie Bella. Miller was slapped in the face by Bella, seconds after announcing the news. Of course, Miller's segment was all part of a scripted storyline. Miller did not have an affair in real life with Bryan.

The WWE used the segment to hype Miller as the newest addition to its divas roster, which currently features such athletes as AJ Lee and Paige. Since Miller told the crowd she had an affair with Bryan, it seems likely the WWE will script Bella to have a feud with her once SummerSlam is in the books.

Bella is slated to compete against McMahon at the SummerSlam pay-per-view spectacular this weekend in Los Angeles, but she'll need someone else to feud with once that event is complete. With the new angle that Miller got Bryan to cheat on Bella, suddenly the WWE has a great storyline to work with heading into the winter.

The WWE desperately needed new blood in the divas division, as no one has broken out as a major star since Paige emerged on a scene several months ago. Since Emma was recently arrested and Summer Rae has been going back and forth between NXT and the WWE main card roster, the promotion needed some new life to fill out the roster. Miller should make for a great addition, as she received real heat from the crowd when she announced she had an affair with Bryan.

The crowd lustily booed her, and then cheered when Bella attacked her. Time will tell how the WWE utilizes her moving forward, but she will definitely be one to watch in the Divas Division. Elsewhere on WWE Monday Night Raw, Jack Swagger defeated Cesaro. Also, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins by popping out of a Christmas present.

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