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WWE news: Daniel Bryan fights first match in Wyatt Family on 'Raw'

WWE news: Daniel Bryan wrestles with The Wyatt Family
WWE news: Daniel Bryan wrestles with The Wyatt Family

Over the weekend, Daniel Bryan attended live WWE events sporting a new look at a member of The Wyatt Family. According to on Jan. 6, Bryan made his big appearance as a member of the evil group to fight The Usos and Rey Mysterio.

The photos from the live events were accurate with how Bryan dressed as a member of The Wyatt Family. Bryan was wearing blue workman's clothes, with cut off sleeves. The group came out in their exact same manner with Bryan coming out last for the team.

Before the match started, Bryan took some advice from Bray Wyatt and then the match started.

It seems like Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family was all it took to kill the pop that he always received. Even as of last week, Bryan got the biggest pop of any superstar in the WWE. When Bryan came out, there were very slight hints of the "No" chants and when Bryan went into the ring, the chants of "Daniel Bryan" was even less.

Bryan joining The Wyatt Family has, at least if this week's "WWE Monday Night Raw" is any example, killed his heat with the crowd. They weren't cheering for him or booing him, and that is the worst response of them all.

Even when Bryan went vicious and attacked Rey Mysterio in the match after Rey told him that this wasn't him, the fans didn't react. There were some "Yes" chants when he delivered his kicks, but it wasn't very much.

The end to the match came when Daniel Bryan tagged himself in, but then Luke Harper tagged himself in, ordered Bryan out of the ring, and then was pinned. After the match, Bryan sucker kicked an Uso, but it looks like his debut into The Wyatt Family might cause some dysfunction.

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