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WWE news: Daniel Bryan expected back in action by July

WWE news: Daniel Bryan expected back in action by July
Photo by Jason Merritt

The WWE will be without their current WWE World Champion for up to three months after he underwent neck surgery. According to PWS on Wednesday, the WWE has an outside hope that he could be back by the end of June. However, a more realistic return date is July, or by August as the worst-case scenario.

Most people who undergo the procedure that Bryan underwent are back to normal in eight to 12 weeks. The procedure relieved pressure on the nerves in Bryan’s neck when it comes to his spinal cord. However, since Bryan is in such great physical shape, he could come back sooner. The WWE wants to see him return in time for the “Money in the Bank” pay-per-view at the end of June. However, with the style of injury that Bryan suffered, there are fears that he could make it worse.

When Bryan did his interview on “WWE Monday Night Raw” two weeks ago announcing he was having surgery, he said that this is not unusual based on his style of wrestling. As a result, there have been some superstars that have commented that Bryan needs to tame down his style of wrestling. Three moves that were mentioned that he might need to eliminate are the flying headbutt, missile dropkick and the topes to the outside of the ring.

Losing those moves will tame his wrestling style, which might adversely affect his popularity. There is also talk that the Daniel Bryan return to the ring might not come until maybe July and the “Battleground” pay-per-view. There is also a worst-case scenario that Bryan won’t be back until “Summerslam” in August.

It will all be determined on his rehab work and the doctor’s ideas of when he can return without re-injuring himself. If the return is not until closer to “Summerslam,” the world title opportunities for Bryan might be over with. Roman Reigns is said to be headed to a world title opportunity, so Bryan’s chance might have passed him by thanks to the injury.