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WWE news: CM Punk talks about whether he is leaving the WWE

WWE: CM Punk talks WWE contract
WWE: CM Punk talks WWE contract

CM Punk's contract with the WWE ends in July and he has speculated in the past that he plans to retire soon. He did a recent interview with on Jan. 24 and Punk touched on his WWE future in the discussion and hinted at his plans.

Punk admitted in the interview that his contract does expire in July and that he has not spoken with anyone yet about an extension. He also quipped that he doesn't even know who is boss is when to comes to negotiations because they change every few months. However, unlike three years ago where he was going to quit, this time he isn't sure what he will do.

Of course, last time he returned, he came back with promises to change the WWE and help break that glass ceiling. He said he doesn't know if he achieved that goal or not.

One of his biggest complaints was that guys like him and Daniel Bryan were pushed down while part time wrestlers like The Rock were brought in the main events. When asked about Batista returning to the main event scene, it was different because Batista signed a two-year deal so he is not just going to drop by now and again.

Punk also talked about the AJ Lee confrontation with Michelle Beadle and took Lee's side, saying that Beadle walked by him with a group of other girls and shouted an obscenity at him, which means that he said Lee's side of the story was tree.

As for the WWE Network, CM Punk said he doesn't know if he will like it or not until he gets his first pay-per-view check after it starts. However, he said it was great for fans and he would have killed for it in 1997.

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