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WWE news: CM Punk says he will never wrestle again

WWE news: CM Punk says he will never wrestle again
Photo by Jason Merritt

CM Punk hosted the red carpet interview for the AXS-TV coverage of the AP Music Awards and was interviewed by CBS on Monday before he started the gig. In the interview, Punk talked about what he has been up to since leaving the WWE. He then dropped the bomb that he wouldn’t ever wrestle again.

The biggest thing to take out of the interview is that CM Punk looks happy and he looks healthier than he has in a few years. The bags that had developed under his eyes are clearing up, he was wearing a suit and was clean shaven and just seemed to be enjoying himself. When asked about the last six months of his life, Punk said that he has so much he doesn’t remember because of staph infections and concussions and he is just happy to be moving on.

There was also a funny moment when CM Punk was asked if he is just former WWE superstar CM Punk now. He said that he is just CM Punk and he is a superstar. It was all in good humor and Punk looked like he was having a great time. It seems the time away from the grind of the road and the WWE has worked wonders for Punk in his life. He also whipped up his wedding ring finger and informed the world that he is off the market.

Then came the big question. The interviewer asked if CM Punk would ever return to the WWE. Punk just shook it off and said no. The interviewer asked if it meant never and Punk said nope. Then Punk looked into the camera and said he would never, ever, ever, ever wrestle again. While it seemed like he was joking, there might be some truth to it. He said that Twitter would probably explode over the comment, but as happy as CM Punk looks, there is no reason to return if he doesn’t want to.