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WWE news: CM Punk says he is happy to be retired

CM Punk retired from WWE
Photo by Frazer Harrison

The rumors that CM Punk is planning to return to the WWE anytime soon are just fan speculation and wishes. Punk did an interview with Red Eye Chicago on Thursday and made some pointed comments about his status in the world of professional wrestling. In the interview, Punk said that he is happy he is retired at the age of 35.

Ever since CM Punk walked out on the WWE the night after the “WWE Royal Rumble,” there have been countless rumors that he would return. People expected him to return to the “WWE Monday Night Raw” in his hometown of Chicago and he never showed up. People claimed the entire walk out was staged and he would make his big return at “Wrestlemania 30.” He never showed up.

People are now acting like he will make his return at “WWE Payback” this Sunday, since it is taking place in Chicago. It won’t happen. CM Punk is about to get married to AJ Lee and he won’t be coming back to a pay-per-view right before his wedding. His contract expires in July, so don’t expect to see CM Punk back after that either. CM Punk is retired and seems to be happy.

One thing that fans should notice about CM Punk since he returned to the public eye is that he doesn’t talk about the WWE. When he was on “The Talking Dead,” nothing was mentioned about his wrestling career. When he was in the press box at the Chicago Cubs game, he talked a little about the history of wrestling at Wrigley Field, but that was it. In this new interview, he mainly just talked about Chicago sports and his fandom.

Vince McMahon once told investors that CM Punk was on sabbatical. Almost four months later and CM Punk is talking about how much he loves his spare time, he is about to get married, and said he is happy to be retired. With his contract up in two months, WWE fans might need to realize that CM Punk is retired.

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