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WWE news: CM Punk appears on 'Walking Dead' post-show

WWE: CM Punk appears on Talking Dead
WWE: CM Punk appears on Talking Dead

CM Punk appeared on television for the first time since he walked out on the WWE the night after the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view. According to on March 16, CM Punk appeared on "Talking Dead" and made no mention of the WWE at all.

CM Punk quit on the WWE right before the "WWE Monday Night Raw" the night after the PPV and the reasons ranged from burnout to injuries to a general unhappiness with the way the company was using him.

When news hit that Punk was flying out to California to appear on the "Talking Dead" show, sources indicate that WWE executives were angry because he wouldn't do them the courtesy of even showing up at the recent "Raw" in his hometown of Chicago to talk to them about the future.

As for "Talking Dead," the show follows the new episode of "The Walking Dead" and has celebrities and members of the cast and crew talk about that night's episode with Chris Hardwick. The guests this week were actress Yvette Nicole Brown and CM Punk, introduced to the audience as Phil Brooks, his real name.

The only reference to CM Punk was his Twitter handle and the fact that he was shown as "aka CM Punk" when he was introduced. It was also nice to notice that CM Punk looked much more relaxed than he did prior to leaving the WWE.