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WWE news: Chris Jericho WWE schedule dates

Chris Jericho, WWE
Chris Jericho, WWE
Photo from WWE Twitter

When Chris Jericho returned to the WWE, the biggest question was how long the return would be for. His band, Fozzy, has a new album coming out at the end of July, so early thought was that the Chris Jericho return would be to promote that album. 411mania reported on Wednesday that thanks to Fozzy, the Chris Jericho WWE schedule actually been revealed.

Dates for both Jericho’s WWE appearances as well as Fozzy’s tour appearances are listed. For the WWE dates, Jericho is scheduled to appear all the way through the “WWE Monday Night Raw” following “Night of Champions” in September. This was expected for a couple of reasons.

First of all, with Daniel Bryan lost through the end of 2014 to injury, the WWE needs someone to help sell events. While the loss of a superstar was not overwhelming in the past, the original WWE Network subscriber’s contracts end right after “Summerslam” in August. The WWE needs to find a way to convince them to re-up their contracts at that point.

“Night of Champions” already looks like a stacked card. Triple H vs. Roman Reigns has been the biggest rumored match and a rematch between Brock Lesnar and John Cena also looks like a possibility. With Chris Jericho starting a feud with Bray Wyatt, it looks like they will work through the “Night of Champions” show, and as a possible rubber match, it could be a huge stipulation match.

The best thing about the Chris Jericho return is that he has always worked hard to put over deserving young talent. The main reason that he made this return was because he was offered a chance to help put over Bray Wyatt, a wrestler that Jericho has professed to be very impressed with.

The Chris Jericho WWE schedule includes appearances on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” “WWE Smackdown,” live events and all three upcoming pay-per-view shows. The Fozzy U.S tour also kicks off on July 24. The Fozzy record release show takes place at The Whisky in Los Angeles on that night.

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