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WWE news: Chris Jericho makes his return, Wyatt Family welcome him back

Chris Jericho returns to WWE
Chris Jericho returns to WWE
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Chris Jericho returned at “WWE Monday Night Raw” on Monday night. There were a lot of rumors about who the WWE champion that the WWE hinted at returning was, with Brock Lesnar the biggest choice and some even thinking it might be a letdown like The Miz. However, when it turned out to be Jericho, the arena went nuts. This flies in the face of Jericho saying he wasn’t coming back for now.

The WWE actually went with The Miz at first as he came out as a movie star who said that he wouldn’t leave until the fans were begging him not to leave. Jericho would have gotten cheered no matter what but Miz warming them up made his return huge. When Miz made fun of Jericho’s light bright jacket, Jericho took it off and hit the Code Breaker. However, just when he was about to say “Welcome to Raw is Jericho” the lights went out and came back on with the Wyatt Family in the ring.

The fans were chanting “This is Awesome” and then The Wyatt Family beat the hell out of Jericho. Then, after the beat down, Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail’s Kiss on Y2J. This might actually set up a short feud between Wyatt and Jericho and give Wyatt a chance to finally have someone put him over.

Of course, since Jericho left the WWE he has been touring extensively with his rock band Fozzie. As a matter of fact, Fozzy has a brand new album coming out in July called “Do You Wanna Start a War.” While Jericho had no intention of returning to the WWE at this time, he is still on great terms with the company. That means that, if he wants help promoting the new release of his album, there might not be a better stage than “WWE Monday Night Raw.”

While Jericho was one of the biggest stars in the WWE, he has been enjoying a lot of success in his other passion. While Fozzy may not be huge in America, his band is extremely popular overseas. This isn’t unique for Fozzy, though, as most hard rock bands in today’s society draws better overseas, with Japan, the UK and Australia all huge hot beds for metal and rock and roll.

Out of their five studio albums, only their last one “Sin and Bones” ranked in the U.S. It did hit No. 1 on the US Heatseeker Albums chart. Part of that might have come from the promotion Jericho gave himself when he took on a radio show on Sixx A.M., which lasted until the station broke away from XM Radio. Since then, Jericho has started his own podcast, which ranks as one of the most popular podcasts running today.

The Chris Jericho WWE return was actually spoiled online earlier in the day. PWS reported that Jericho was backstage at the “WWE Monday Night Raw” taping. They also reported that he will be at Tuesday night’s “WWE Smackdown” taping.

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