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WWE news: Chris Jericho loved end of Undertaker streak

WWE news: Chris Jericho loved end of Undertaker streak
WWE news: Chris Jericho loved end of Undertaker streak
Chris Jericho / Twitter

WWE legend Chris Jericho did a recent interview and talked about a number of interesting subjects. One of his most controversial revelations was about the Undertaker streak. In the interview with Digital Spy on Friday, Chris Jericho said he loved how the WWE ended the Undertaker streak at “Wrestlemania 30.”

Many fans took to the Internet to complain about how the Undertaker streak ended. Some felt it should never have ended. Others wanted a younger talent to be the wrestler to end the streak. Many felt that Brock Lesnar was the wrong person to end the Undertaker streak.

Jericho disagrees with the assessment that Lesnar winning was the wrong choice. According to Jericho, Brock Lesnar was the right guy to win the match and that, from a believability standpoint, there was no one better. He also called it a legitimate shock that got everyone talking, giving it another plus in his opinion. Jericho also said that he would have hated it if The Undertaker retired with the streak intact.

Jericho also talked about CM Punk leaving the WWE. He compared it to when he left the WWE in 2005. Jericho was gone for over two years, but he said that he left when his contract was up, while Punk left in the middle of his. Jericho did say that he understands what Punk might be going through, because when he left in 2005, Jericho was sick of the business as well. Jericho also said he was the same age as Punk when he left that time.

Chris Jericho also talked about how Sting signing with the WWE could be a good thing. He said that it is obvious Sting doesn’t have a lot left to deliver in the ring, but he is a legend so it would be good for the more hardcore fans. However, Jericho also doesn’t know what Sting would do in the WWE at this point. He also added that he doesn’t think it will really make a difference in the WWE’s business.