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WWE news: Cesaro swings John Cena on Monday Night Raw in Houston

According to a July 28 report from Wrestlezone, Cesaro gave John Cena a big swing on WWE Monday Night Raw in Houston. Cesaro, one of the top heels in the WWE, hadn't done his signature swing in quite some time, but he brought it back for his match with Cena. As expected, it went over in a big way with WWE Universe. The crowd on hand applauded loudly when Cesaro swung Cena around in a circle inside the ring.

Cesaro gave John Cena a swing on WWE Monday Night Raw
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The rumor was that WWE officials told Cesaro to cut down on doing the swing, because they wanted to keep him as a heel. Cesaro's swing was so popular that he started receiving babyface reactions. The WWE apparently wanted fans to boo him, so his swing was ruining that. Luckily, the WWE allowed Cesaro to do the swing against Cena. That decision makes sense because Cena is the top babyface character on the WWE roster, so Cesaro swinging him around technically shouldn't have earned him such a huge pop.

When Cesaro swung Cena, the reaction from the crowd on hand in Houston was mostly mixed. Some cheered because they appreciate the technique, while others were upset to see the WWE's top babyface get tossed around like a rag-doll. Cesaro ended up battling Cena on WWE Monday Night Raw because the champ is currently involved in a feud with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Since Cesaro is formerly a Heyman client, he collided with Cena on his behalf. Lesnar wasn't on hand for the Houston taping of WWE Monday Night Raw, but Cesaro was there to take on the challenge. Cena would ultimately defeat Cesaro, but the "King of Swing" and former member of the We The People tag-team super-group got some much-needed television time and even a little work on the mic.

At one time, Cesaro was expected to get a major push as the WWE's top heel. He was drawing real heat from WWE Universe earlier this year, but the promotion seems to have botched his career elevation. Over the past two months, Cesaro hasn't been involved in a major storyline and he has been toiling in mid-card obscurity. Cesaro isn't expected to be featured in a major feud with Cena. He was simply filling in for Lesnar for one-night on Monday Night Raw.

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