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WWE news: Buff Bagwell says John Cena is not a big star

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In the heels of the revelation that former WWE and WCW star Buff Bagwell has become a professional gigolo, he did an interview where he talked about the current state of wrestling. According to on March 10, Buff Bagwell had very few positive things to say about John Cena and CM Punk.

When it came to John Cena, Bagwell said that he feels that Cena has been built into a star by the WWE but he is nowhere near as big as the men who came before him. Bagwell pointed out names like The Rock, Sting and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he said Cena isn’t anywhere near that level.

He said that Cena is a huge star in the WWE but not outside the WWE. He said anyone could be built up to be as big as Cena is, including himself.

When it comes to CM Punk, Bagwell said that he should never have been the world champion because he is not big enough. Bagwell said a person needs to realistically look like they can beat anyone and Punk is too small to be a realistic champion. He went on to say the best place for someone like CM Punk is the TNA X-Division.

Speaking of TNA Impact Wrestling, Bagwell said he doesn’t think anything can save the company because no one knows who their wrestlers are. He said that they shouldn’t even be on TV because they don’t have someone like Buff Bagwell, Bill Godberg or The Rock. Of course, they used to have Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, and that didn’t help ratings, so his reasoning makes little sense.