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WWE news: Brock Lesnar's workload to increase due to new contract

According to a Sept. 4 report from the International Business Times, Brock Lesnar has agreed to terms on a new contract that could help significantly bolster his workload with the WWE in the months ahead. Lesnar, 37, reportedly signed a contract that will allow the WWE to schedule his matches as they see fit between now and the end of the year. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed to the public.

Brock Lesnar's WWE workload to increase due to new contract
Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Lesnar, who has been competing for the past several years as a part-time performer on the WWE roster, already had a sweetheart deal that let him appear just a handful of times every six months. With his new deal, he's set to make even more money than he already was raking in. The WWE has not released figures on his new deal, but it's rumored to be a significant raise on his previous salary.

Lesnar historically only competed during Wrestlemania season, and sporadically around SummerSlam season. With his new deal, the WWE will be able to book him for various episodes of Monday Night Raw, SmackDown and other various pay-per-views. Is this a good thing for WWE fans? Absolutely. More Lesnar means better ratings on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown.

It will also help the WWE sell subscriptions for the WWE Network, and for upcoming pay-per-views. For the WWE, this deal is a no-brainer. Lesnar is easily the promotion's top heel character. He generates a very real buzz with fans, and that's tough to replace. Additionally, a handful of high-level WWE superstars are sidelined due to injuries.

That said, the WWE needs to fill the gap by stacking cards with Lesnar and other top talent. Since Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan are legitimately injured, Lesnar being televised more frequently should absolutely help the WWE pick up ratings. Lesnar is slated to compete against John Cena at Night of Champions, later this month in Nashville. No word on when he'll compete under the WWE banner again after that event.

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