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WWE news: Bret Hart talks Daniel Bryan and CM Punk situations

WWE: Bret Hart talks Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Hulk Hogan
WWE: Bret Hart talks Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Hulk Hogan

If anyone knows what its like to be the WWE champion, its Bret "The Hitman" Hart, a wrestler who held the title five times over his career. In an interview with the Boston Herald on March 21, Bret Hart talked Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and losing his title to Yokozuna.

When it came to Daniel Bryan, Hart said that he needs to win the title at "Wrestlemania 30." He made a funny analogy about Charlie Brown having the football pulled away from him over and over and said he wouldn't be surprised if it happened again at "Wrestlemania 30."

When the situation about CM Punk walking out on the WWE came up, Hart seemed to sympathize with him and seemed to be a pretty big fan of Punk as a person and a wrestler. Hart brought up how frustrating it has to be to be Punk or Bryan and see part time wrestlers like The Rock or Brock Lesnar get all the big matches instead of them.

He also said that he knew CM Punk was burned out after giving 100 percent and delivering the best pay per view matches of the last 10 years.He said that Punk has a lot of greatness left in him. As a fan, he said he wants to see Punk return but as a wrestler, he respects him for what he did as well.

Finally, Bret Hart talked about his WWE Championship match where he lost to Yokozuna, only for Hulk Hogan to return and win the title minutes later. Hart said that he thought he was going to get a long title rein but realized he didn't have a great list of wrestlers to defend the belt against, with Jake Roberts leaving and others getting fired after the drug testing.

However, Hart said that Hogan coming in and winning the WWE title was not something he expected at all.

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