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WWE news: Bray Wyatt writes his own promos for The Wyatt Family

WWE: Bray Wyatt writes his own promos
WWE: Bray Wyatt writes his own promos

One of the biggest complaints about the WWE in recent years is that no one cuts their own promos and instead just regurgitate what writers pen for them to say. It makes it hard to really live your gimmick. One of the best characters in the WWE now is Bray Wyatt and reported on Feb. 3 that Wyatt actually writes his own promos.

This is very unique. One of the most famous wrestlers to cut his own promos from the top of his own head was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, although Rowdy Roddy Piper also did so back in the '80s.

However, today most wrestlers get a script, learn their lines, and then come out and say what they are told to say by the creative writers. A perfect example of this is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who cut some of the best promos in recent memory - all of which was written for him. When The Rock returned the last time around, the WWE re-hired his old promo writer as well.

However, talking to many old school stars, the spontaneous nature of cutting un-written promos was a big part of what made wrestlers so relatable to the fans. Bray Wyatt, whose father was one of the WWE old-school wrestlers "IRS" Mike Rotundo, has brought back at least part of that old school thinking.

Bray Wyatt writes his own promos, sends them to WWE creative who then make edits and suggestions, and then Wyatt cuts his own promo. Wyatt developed the character himself in NXT and mastered it before coming up. He knows his character better than anyone and writing his own promo makes him even better.