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WWE news: Booker T not sold on Xavier Woods’ new stable

WWE news: Booker T not sold on Xavier Woods’ new stable
Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images

On “WWE Monday Night Raw” last week, Big E and Kofi Kingston were involved in a match and when it ended Xavier Woods showed up in a tie. He told them that it was getting old with them held down and it was time to take what they wanted. According to 411mania on Saturday, Booker T said in an interview that he was not sold on the new stable.

The biggest problem that Booker T had with the new stable was Kofi Kingston apparently turning heel. According to Booker T, Kingston had been the ultimate baby face for years, so the change in character made no sense. Booker T said that Kingston will be a villain now and that is not something he wants to see.

Of course, this is something that some fans have been asking for recently. While Kingston is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the WWE, especially in things like battle royals, he has been directionless lately. It seems that his good guy character had run its course and he was stagnating. One look at John Cena shows what happens when characters stagnate. A Kofi Kingston heel turn could be exactly what he needs to become relevant again.

There are also rumors that other names might join the stable, including Mark Henry. The problem here is that brings to memory the Nation of Domination. Thatr stable was a perfect one for its time with the racial tensions of the 90s, but times have changed and that dynamic might not work today. However, if they add in something about being held down, it might work.

The best thing about this might be the elevation of Xavier Woods. He was a hugely charismatic character in TNA Impact Wresling as Consequences Creed and hasn’t gotten much of a chance in the WWE. Overall, this is a wait and see stable when it comes to success, but it is too early to write it off yet.