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WWE news: Bo Dallas talks about fighting his brother Bray Wyatt

It is rare that second generation wrestling siblings break into the WWE at the same time, yet never acknowledge in storylines that they are related. That is exactly what happened when Bray Wyatt entered the WWE as one of the most interesting villains in recent memory and then his brother Bo Dallas showed up as an arrogant heel as different from his brother as any character. According to PWS on Monday, Dallas said that the day might come where the two brothers finally fight in the ring.

WWE news: Bo Dallas talks about fighting his brother Bray Wyatt
Photo from WWETwitter

Bray Wyatt showed up in the WWE as an outsider, a rebel who wanted to burn the WWE to the ground and reform it in his own image. He attacked men like Daniel Bryan and John Cena and is now in a feud with Chris Jericho, three men who are shining stars in the WWE. Bray Wyatt is anti-establishment and preaches the darkness in the world.

Bo Dallas showed up in the WWE after holding the NXT title longer than anyone in the history of the company. He is a character that is slightly based on that of Tim Tebow, a shining light in the world who preaches positivity to such an extent that the fans hate him for it. He is a good mix of the Right to Censor group and Honky Tonk Man when it comes to his arrogance dealing with fans and his opponents.

In the interview with Bo Dallas, he said that both he and Bray Wyatt came into the WWE with one thought in mind. They wanted to live their characters to make them as good as they could. They chose to refuse to become molds of their father Mike “IRS” Rotundo or their uncles in the Windham family. They wanted to become WWE originals and have done a great job at it.

As far as Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas one day meeting in the ring, Dallas said that Wyatt is a perfect heel in the WWE right now and Dallas has his own agenda. He said he thinks that one day the two characters will cross paths, but how that happens will be anyone’s guess.