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WWE news: Bo Dallas calls out Bray Wyatt after seeing win streak end

According to a July 28 report from, Bo Dallas is open to wrestling Bray Wyatt sometime in the near future, perhaps on a WWE pay-per-view card before the end of the year. Dallas and Wyatt are brothers in real life, which makes the match incredibly intriguing. Will Dallas and Wyatt ever throw down inside the WWE ring? It's a major possibility. All WWE Universe needs to do is "Bo-lieve." So far, the WWE hasn't acknowledged Dallas and Wyatt's real life kinship on the air, so many fans don't know they are related.

WWE star Bo Dallas is open to bout against Bray Wyatt
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Dallas, a former NXT superstar, was called up to the WWE's main card roster earlier this year, and he has been getting a major push as one of the promotion's top heels. His creepy smile and ultra-positive attitude has helped him gain major heat from WWE Universe, so he continues to rise the ranks in popularity. He often appears on WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown episodes. The one knock on his heel character was that he never really did anything underhanded to solidify his villain status, but that all changed on the July 28 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw in Houston.

Dallas engaged in a singles match with R-Truth on the episode, and his 18-match win streak came to a shocking end. Seconds after losing on WWE Monday Night Raw, Dallas attacked R-Truth and then made his signature victory lap around the ring. WWE commentators called him a sore loser for beating up R-Truth after the bout was over, while fans hated on his heel tactics. Finally, WWE fans were given a real reason to boo Dallas. Up until that point, Dallas hadn't engaged in very many underhanded tactics, such as cheating or beating up an opponent after a fight had already ended. It was a brilliant move by the WWE's creative team.

As for Wyatt, he has been one of the WWE's most popular heels for some time now. For him to battle his brother, Dallas, he would probably need to turn face. Since Wyatt and Dallas are both currently top heels in the promotion, it's not expected that they'll battle each other inside the ring at any point in the near future. However, the WWE's creative team loves to throw curveballs at fans, so things could change in a hurry.

Wyatt, who already receives face-like reactions from the crowd, is already booked to fight Chris Jericho at next month's SummerSlam pay-per-view spectacular. Dallas doesn't have a match booked for SummerSlam. At some point, perhaps the WWE will script Wyatt and Dallas to work together, and then have one of them turn on the other a few months after that. It will likely all depend on how well Dallas does as a singles superstar. Right now, he's getting over with the crowd on his own. If his popularity falls off, the WWE might script him to join the Wyatt Family.

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