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WWE news: Bill Apter profiles Sting, could foreshadow his signing

WWE news: Sting profiled on
WWE news: Sting profiled on

For the last two months, WWE rumors have been running rampant about Sting joining the WWE. Some feel it is a done deal, but Sting still has yet to sign an official contract. On Feb. 19, former "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" editor Bill Apter wrote a profile on Sting for, an act that might foreshadow Sting's signing with the WWE.

If this was just an Apter piece about Sting, that would be one thing, but because this was for, and is actually featured on the front page of the website, it seems like the WWE is starting to familiarize their fans with the former Face of WCW.

Sting wrestled in the NWA or WCW for most of his career and when the WWE purchased WCW, Sting chose not to switch companies and just went home to sit out his guaranteed contract. He was the one WCW icon who never made that big jump, and seeing how a number of WCW stars fared in the WWE, that was probably a good thing.

Instead, when his contract expired, he went to TNA Impact Wrestling where he has wrestled since then. Over his career he is a two-time NWA World Champion, six-time WCW World Champion and four-time TNA World Champion. He has feuded with men like Hulk Hogan, Vader, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, and most famously with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

And it looks like Sting will finally sign with the WWE this year to finish out his career on the biggest stage in wrestling. If the Bill Apter piece on is any indication, the WWE is preparing to introduce their fans to one of the biggest wrestlers to never step foot in their ring.