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WWE news: Big Ring of Honor Wrestling names planning to try out for WWE

WWE try out to include up to 3 Ring of Honor stars
WWE try out to include up to 3 Ring of Honor stars
Ring of Honor Wrestling

The WWE holds a lot of try out camps for indie stars to attend and try to catch someone's eye. They don't always work when it comes to bringing in new talent, but there are also a number of top stars who tried out for WWE at these sessions. According to on Feb. 26, there are three Ring of Honor Wrestling stars who want to attend the next try out.

The three wrestlers are former Ring of Honor world champions Kevin Steen and Roderick Strong and last year's breakthrough star Michael Elgin.

Steen and Elgin were rumored earlier this month but the new reports indicate that Strong and Steen are likely candidates for the try out camp while Elgin is just hoping to get into the camp.

Last year, former Ring of Honor world champions Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards tried out and impressed a lot of people. However, something happened and they never signed with the WWE. One rumor was that Triple H didn't want any more indie looking guys and said no. Davey Richards said it was his decision because he didn't want to give up his secondary job as a paramedic, which was more important to him.

However, former Ring of Honor world champion Tyler Black now wrestles in the WWE as Seth Rollins of The Shield. Also, fans with the WWE Network will get a chance to see Sami Zayn on Thursday night. Zayn was Kevin Steen's former tag team partner in Ring of Honor under hte name El Generico.

Roderick Strong is puzzling as he is an "indie looking guy" while Kevin Steen is a larger wrestler who never fits the definition of a WWE wrestler. The chances of them making it are a long shot.

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