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WWE news: Batista talks return and Daniel Bryan controversy

WWE; Batista talks Daniel Bryan
WWE; Batista talks Daniel Bryan

When Batista returned to the WWE, the company assumed it would be a huge deal, but the fans turned on him when they learned that Daniel Bryan was getting pushed aside for the "Wrestlemania 30" main event for Batista. According to on March 31, Batista said in an interview that he never had a problem with Daniel Bryan and only came back to the WWE because he loves the business.

Recently, Batista said that he was forced to leave but came back because he wanted to. In the interview, he explained that he meant by that statement. Batista said that, when he was in the WWE before, there was a lot of restrictions on what he could and couldn't do and he felt that he was forced to leave to achieve other goals in his life, such as movie star roles and an MMA shot.

Now that he has tried his hand at both, he returned to the WWE because he always planned to come back. Batista said that he loves professional wrestling, didn't demand a lot of money and agreed to be a regular superstar, appearing on "WWE Monday Night Raw," "Smackdown" and house shows.

As for Daniel Bryan, he said that people thinks he doesn't like Bryan because he made comments before when Bryan won his first world title about it being too soon. Batista explained that it was not a dig at Bryan, but he felt they put the belt on him way too soon instead of letting it happen naturally. He did say that the WWE asked him to squash Bryan in a match early in Bryan's career and Batista refused because he feels Bryan is too good in the ring for that.