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WWE news: Batista talks about the fans turning on him after his return

WWE: Batista talks about being a good guy
WWE: Batista talks about being a good guy
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Batista returned to the WWE in January and was inserted back into the company as a baby face. According to an interview with the Washington Post on April 4, Batista said he knew his WWE return as a good guy would never last.

Batista is a six-time world champion, and was the most popular wrestler in the company at one time, specifically when he turned on Triple H and quit Evolution and then beat Triple H at Wrestlemania that year.

However, on his last stint in the WWE, he turned heel and feuded with John Cena. Honestly, Batista was losing popularity at the time and fans were tiring of his good guy act. When he turned bad and started feuding with Cena, he showed a side that fans had not seen in a long time and was the best villain in the WWE during that period.

According to Batista, when he signed to return, the WWE told him that he was returning as a baby face because fans really wanted to see him come back. Batista said that would last two minutes, and he was right. The fans all booed him when he won the Royal Rumble and didn't care about him at all in his feud with Alberto Del Rio.

After the fans hijacked a number of his matches with chants, Batista was finally turned heel.

As for the fans hijacking events, Batista said that WWE fans have always wanted to interact with the show, but when the crowd wants to "be the show" and tries to hijack it, those fans should go to wrestling school and train to be a wrestler if they want to be part of the show so bad.

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