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WWE news: Batista talks about the fan reaction to his recent return

When Batista returned to the WWE, it was supposed to be an exciting moment for his fans. However, the WWE pushed him straight to the top and the fans turned on him quickly, despite him playing the part of the face coming in to stop Randy Orton. Batista spoke to on Wednesday about the fan reaction and how he feels the fans turning on him was unfair.

Batista talks reaction to WWE return
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Dave Batista, WWE
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

To recap, timing is everything and the Batista WWE return came at the wrong time for the superstar. Fans were solidly behind Daniel Bryan and wanted him to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Then, suddenly, Bryan was pushed out of the title picture and John Cena battled Randy Orton for the title unification. Where is looked like the Royal Rumble match could give Bryan another chance, he wasn’t even in it.

Batista won that match and was thrown into the main event of “Wrestlemania 30,” despite having been gone for years. Plus, the night after that “Royal Rumble” event, CM Punk walked out and many fans blamed Batista and him winning the match instead of Punk as a reason that he quit. Things spiraled downward and the fans turned on the popular Batista in mass.

According to Batista, the fans who blamed him for what was happening at the time in the WWE are misguided. Batista said it felt like a personal attack despite him having no control over the booking of the WWE. He also mentioned that any wrestler who doesn’t take the opportunities offered to them is a fool and any fan who hates them for taking their opportunities is an idiot.

He also spoke out against the fans who said that he didn’t deserve the opportunity. Batista said that he worked hard in the WWE for many years to develop himself as a star. He then took a swipe at CM Punk when he said that he always did things the right way and even left the company after leaving a proper notice instead of just walking out and quitting. He said at the end of the day, he did take it personally when the fans turned on him because he feels he did nothing wrong.

Batista is currently on break from the WWE. The storyline angle is that he quit Evolution after he didn’t get the title shot he was promised. The truth is that he is on break promoting Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and should return in the next few months to continue his WWE career.

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