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WWE news: Batista talks about his opinion of the fans who boo him

WWE Batista comments on boos
WWE Batista comments on boos

When Batista returned, there was a lot of excitement, but when he won the Royal Rumble match the fans turned on him. It really wasn't fair since he did nothing to encourage the boos other than do what his bosses told him. According to on Feb. 25, Batista went to Twitter after "WWE Monday Night Raw" last night to comment on he boos.

WWE Batista comments

Batista took to Twitter to say that people think that he is joking when he says he doesn't let negative opinions dictate his life. He also mentioned that he didn't leave the WWE because he wanted to but returned because he did want to.

He also cut a great promo on "WWE Monday Night Raw" last night when he said that he will cheer the people who cheers him and boo the people who boo him. That was in response to Randy Orton making fun of Batista for the fans booing him, commenting that Batista is probably regretting returning.

The WWE has promoted that Batista will be on "Smackdown" this week to answer his critics.

The booing from the fans is a result of them wanting Daniel Bryan in the WWE World Championship of "Wrestlemania 30" and getting Batista instead. If Batista returned and did not end up in the title match, the fans would be cheering him right now. He is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, in the WWE right now, the fans will turn on anyone that gets in the way of their darlings.