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WWE news: Batista has first good weekend since return

Batista has first good weekend since WWE return
Batista has first good weekend since WWE return

When Batista returned to the WWE, it was supposed to be a big deal but the fans rejected it. According to MStars on March 11, WWE producers are finally happy with his return after what was considered his “first good weekend” of shows.

The problem had nothing to do with Batista personally. The fans just rejected the fact that the WWE brought back Batista, had him immediately win the Royal Rumble match and put him in the “Wrestlemania 30” main event over people like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

As a result, the fans mercilessly booed Batista upon his return and the chant of “Bootista” started during his matches, killing the momentum of matches where he was supposed to be the face. As a result, the WWE did an about face and turned Batista bad.

Actually, more to the point, they turned Batista against the fans and the faces in the company, but he is really just a man on his own as he doesn’t have any love for the heels either, such as Randy Orton. As a result, the fan revolt actually worked well for Batista’s new direction.

According to sources, producers are much happier with Batista’s push now and Batista himself said on Twitter that he just enjoyed his best weekend since being back, with the best crowds yet. Making him a WWE villain seemed to be the best way to turn things around concerning his return to the company.