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WWE news: Bad News Barrett to miss months with injured shoulder

Photo from WWE Twitter
Photo from WWE Twitter
Bad News Barrett, WWE

When Daniel Bryan lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship after undergoing neck surgery, many fans cried foul, claiming that the WWE never wanted him to have the belt in the first place. When Bad News Barrett suffered a dislocated shoulder that required surgery, the WWE made a huge point when they stripped him of the Intercontinental title as well. According to WrestleView on Wednesday, Barrett will be out of action for a few months.

The injury occurred leading into the “Money in the Bank” pay-per-view when Jack Swagger threw Barrett into the ringside barrier. A move that is pulled off many times on WWE shows this time took a turn for the worse. Barrett separated his shoulder and had to have ligament reconstruction on the shoulder. He also had the end of his collar bone shaved off in a procedure. He underwent surgery on Tuesday and will miss a few months as he recovers.

This is horrible news for Barrett because he defied the odds by getting over with the crowd despite a gimmick that many fans hated at first. When Barrett cleared up his work Visa issues, he returned to the WWE late last year and started a gimmick where he would come out during shows and give the audience some bad news that usually resulted in him insulting the crowd or other wrestlers.

While fans seemed to hate the gimmick, when Barrett returned to the ring he got a surprising amount of cheers despite being a bad guy. His newfound appreciation by the fans soon led to the decision to take the IC title off of Big E and Barrett beat him for the title. Barrett was really starting to roll and was supposed to be in the Money in the Bank contract match, but the injury caused him to get pulled from the card.

The new Intercontinental champion will be decided through the winner of a battle royal. Paul Heyman came out on this week’s “WWE Monday Night Raw” and announced that his man Cesaro would be in the tournament. Damien Sandow and Khali were also announced at that time. Since then, the WWE announced that Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler, Big E, Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio would also be added.