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WWE news: Alberto Del Rio to appear at AAA event during ‘Summerslam’

WWE news: Alberto Del Rio to appear at AAA event during ‘Summerslam’
WWE news: Alberto Del Rio to appear at AAA event during ‘Summerslam’
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

When the WWE fired Alberto Del Rio last week, the former WWE world champion quickly rebounded and announced that he was heading to AAA. There were a lot of questions concerning what he could do there and whether that could be in violation of his 90-day no compete clause. However, Del Rio said that he will appear at tonight’s AAA “Triplemania” Internet pay-per-view event, which takes place at the same time as “Summerslam,” and PWInsider reported on Sunday that it will be in a speaking role.

Alberto Del Rio will now work under the name El Patron and he said that he wanted to wrestle at the show tonight. However, thanks to possible threats by the WWE that won’t happen. However, both Del Rio and AAA announced that he will be at the “Triplemania” iPPV and would speak to the fans. While he can’t wrestle, there is also a good chance that he could end up getting involved in a match.

At the moment, Alberto Del Rio is a huge face with the AAA fans because of the fact that he was fired for standing up to alleged racism by a management level WWE employee. With his returning home instead of going to a rival U.S. company like TNA Impact Wrestling, he returns a hero. Of course, as WWE fans know, Del Rio is a better heel, so there is a chance that they work out an angle where he turns rudo by the end of the “Triplemania” iPPV.

In a recent interview, Del Rio said that he couldn’t wrestle in America for the next year. One of the reasons that could be possible is because the WWE fired him for violating the terms of his contract. The main reason for the termination was the force of the slap to the allegedly racist WWE employee and the threats of a lawsuit by that employee. If that is true, the WWE will pay him until his contract ends like they did Jim Ross to keep him from moving anywhere else.

However, Alberto Del Rio seems to be under the impression that he can still wrestle in Mexico and the no-compete won’t count there. That will be an interesting situation. Sin Cara already moved back and started wrestling down there again, but he left after his contract ended. With AAA getting a U.S. television deal on the El Ray Network, that might hurt Del Rio’s chances of competing there after leaving the WWE.