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WWE news: Alberto Del Rio fired for slapping employee

According to an Aug. 8 report from the Baltimore Sun, Alberto Del Rio has been fired from the WWE for unprofessional conduct. Del Rio, 37, apparently slapped a WWE employee in the face after words were exchanged in the promotion's catering area during a house show that took place this week in Laredo, Texas. As the story would have it, the employee Del Rio reportedly slapped did not have a wrestling role, and he was someone who handled the WWE's social media accounts.

Alberto Del Rio was fired for slapping a WWE employee
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

By many accounts, Del Rio failed to put his trash and plate away, so the employee made a comment about it. Seconds later, words were exchanged, and Del Rio fired off a slap that landed on the employee's face. More details are sure to emerge in the days and weeks ahead, but it seems like there's more to the story than meets the eye. After all, Sheamus recently got into a backstage altercation with Sin Cara, and nobody was fired in that case.

Additionally, WWE Divas superstar, Emma, was recently arrested for shoplifting an iPod case prior to a WWE Monday Night Raw episode in Connecticut, and she wasn't fired. The feeling here is that Del Rio's face slap was basically the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to him working for the promotion. Del Rio likely wasn't fired for this one incident, but for a long line of disorderly conduct within the promotion.

Del Rio has a history of complaining and causing a stir backstage, so the WWE finally said enough is enough. Ring of Honor founder and RF Video President Rob Feinstein was the first to break the news about why Del Rio was fired. Del Rio apparently had been threatening to leave the WWE as soon as his contract expired, so that issue could have also played a factor.

At present time, there's also a slim chance that the entire thing is part of a scripted storyline. The WWE had the story about Del Rio being released up on their official website overnight, which would indicate its part of an elaborate work. Usually when a wrestler is arrested or fired in real life, they don't try to draw attention to it. If it does turn out to be true that Del Rio was really fired, he leaves the WWE as a five-time world champ.

The WWE has been going through some major budget cuts over the past few months, but Del Rio's firing doesn't appear to be related to monetary reasons. Del Rio is a huge name with a major following, so its certainly a shocker for WWE Universe that he's no longer part of the roster. Del Rio was a superstar in the WWE for close to half a decade, as he reigned supreme a few short years ago in Money in the Bank and also at Royal Rumble.

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