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WWE news: Alberto Del Rio explains why he was fired from WWE

WWE news: Alberto Del Rio explains why he was fired from WWE
WWE news: Alberto Del Rio explains why he was fired from WWE
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Most of the news up to now about why the WWE fired Alberto Del Rio was based on inside sources, and now it sounds like the sources were correct in what led up to his termination. According to PWS on Monday, Alberto Del Rio conducted an interview in Mexico where he finally opened up about what happened. While Del Rio didn’t come out and say exactly what was said to him that caused the explosion, he did reveal that racism played into it.

Del Rio did hint that the original WWE rumors were true. The original rumors indicated that WWE social media manager Cody Barbierri allegedly made racial comments geared towards Del Rio when speaking to other people. In the interview, while Del Rio did not call out Barbierri by name or say what he said, Del Rio did say that a WWE employee made racial comments to someone directed at Del Rio.

As for the slap, Del Rio said that he did act unprofessionally, and while the WWE can take away his job they won’t take away his pride and he won’t forget where he came from. Del Rio did say that he wouldn’t recommend that anyone respond like he did, and he is embarrassed by his actions, but he was demanding an apology for the racist comments that Barbierri allegedly made and didn’t get them.

Alberto Del Rio also said that he spoke to Vince McMahon and thought everything appeared to be fine. He also said that he chose to just accept the termination and had planned no legal action himself. However, when the WWE sent Alberto Del Rio his termination papers, they indicated he was not allowed to wrestle in the United States for a year, so that caused him to hire an attorney. Del Rio did say that he won’t wrestle in the U.S. but plans to wrestle in AAA.