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WWE news: Adam Rose character likely to be phased out

According to an Aug. 24 report from Inquisitr, the WWE has soured on Adam Rose for reasons that haven't been disclosed to the public. Rose, 35, was once the WWE's hottest up-and-coming prospect, but he has mostly failed to catch on as a top superstar and fan favorite.

The WWE is slowly phasing out Adam Rose from its main card roster
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

At the end of the day, the fans decide who becomes a big star. Since Rose failed to generate much of a reaction, Vince McMahon and the WWE higher-ups apparently soured on him. His last victory was on Aug. 14 at a WWE Superstars show, which isn't one of the promotion's major events. Lately, Rose has been involved in plenty of dark matches, and he has been scripted to lose most of the time.

After close to four year's in developmental territories, Rose was called up to the WWE's main card roster earlier this year. On the Apr. 7 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, the promotion teased Rose's introduction to the main card roster by airing small vignettes featuring his character. Rose, who was born and raised in South Africa, made his main card, televised WWE debut in May, when he distracted Jack Swagger during a match on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Rose and his team of dancers got a huge reaction from the crowd, so it appeared he was destined for greatness. Unfortunately for him, only his entrance and theme song got over with WWE Universe. Once he entered the ring, he failed to captivate the audience. Rose's inside-the-ring skills were solid, but he never became a must-watch.

Rose hasn't won on WWE Monday Night Raw since July, and he has been serving as a jobber in the NXT ranks since then. His last victory on WWE Monday Night Raw was against Damien Sandow, over a month ago. At best, Rose is toiling in mid-card obscurity. At worst, he could be phased off the talent roster altogether.

Time will certainly tell how the situation pans out. There's also a chance that Rose gets scripted to adopt a new gimmick and a different character, since his wrestling skills are very good. Perhaps all he needs is a new look to get over with the crowd.

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