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WWE news: 4 new wrestlers expected to make debut in WWE NXT

New wrestlers expected to make debut in WWE NXT
New wrestlers expected to make debut in WWE NXT
Photo from Ring of Honor Twitter

The WWE has a new crop of talent arriving in the next month or two from both the United States and Japan. According to Wrestle View on Saturday, KENTA, Prince Devitt and Kevin Steen are all supposed to show up at the WWE Performance Center in August. The main thing holding them up right now are Visa issues and medical testing.

For American fans, Kevin Steen is the biggest name here. The former Ring of Honor champion took place in a WWE try out a few months back along with fellow Ring of Honor stars Michael Elgin, ACH and Roderick Strong. Steen looks to be the only name that the WWE wanted. Elgin has since signed a new deal with Ring of Honor, ACH is possibly too small and doesn’t possess the look the WWE wants and Strong is also small, but older than the rest.

Before Steen went on a Ring of Honor title reign that lasted almost a year, he was the tag team partner and eventual enemy of El Generico. Since El Generico is now wrestling in WWE NXT as Sami Zayn, that gives Steen someone on the inside that he is familiar with. It could also set up a chance for the two to possibly feud when Steen arrives in the WWE. Since the WWE likes to give new gimmicks to their developmental wrestlers, there is no telling what they saddle Steen with.

Prince Devitt made his name in Japan and remained one of the best wrestlers in the world to not sign with a major American wrestling promotion. After couple of previous attempts, the WWE finally convinced Prince Devitt to sign with the company. There is no telling what the company will do with Devitt, although like Steen, he won’t show up using his previous gimmicks.

KENTA is a different story. At the age of 33, and well known from Ring of Honor appearances, he is the most experienced of the three. If anyone shows up using their known name it is KENTA, but it is not likely. He is also the wrestler who will probably spend the least amount of time in NXT.

A fourth name in American indie star Willie Mack is also supposed to be heading to the WWE. Last word on Mack was that he was undergoing medical testing, much like Kevin Steen. He wasn’t listed in the most recent news about the August arrivals.

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