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WWE Network updating and replacing PPVs with un-edited versions

WWE Network airing un-edited PPV cards now
WWE Network airing un-edited PPV cards now

One big thing about the WWE Network is that the originally edited pay-per-view events are now offered in their unedited states thanks to the parental guidance controls built in. According to on March 21, a number of pay-per-views have disappeared from the WWE Network and reappeared later, and that is because the un-edited versions are being put up.

For some reason, the WWE originally threw up all their WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view events in the original edited versions, with cursing edited out. The new versions that have started replacing those are the actual original audio tracks with the edits removed.

This is great news for people who wanted to see the original versions of the pay-per-view events the way they originally were meant to be seen before the PG television rating cleaned things up.

This seems to not be the only change, though, in the replaced pay-per-view shows.

There has been an ongoing lawsuit between James Papa, who wrote a performed a number of WCW entrance themes. As a result of the lawsuit, the music that he wrote and performed was removed and replaced with generic or more current tracks for the wrestlers.

Apparently, the pay-per-views that have been replaced have the original James Papa songs added back in, which includes Freebird Michael Hayes "Bad Street U.S.A." This makes it look like an agreement might have been reached between the two sides or someone forgot to keep the changes to music when making the changes back to the unedited audio.

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