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WWE Network to include Chris Benoit footage on existing shows

WWE Network to include Chris Benoit matches
WWE Network to include Chris Benoit matches

One of the most controversial parts of WWE history is the murder-suicide of Chris Benoit. Since that time, the WWE has edited Benoit out of almost all their footage as if he never existed. According to on Feb. 8, Chris Benoit will be back and part of the WWE Network in the classic pay-per-view and archived television shows.

Before any appearance of Benoit on either classic episodes of "WWE Monday Night Raw" or "WCW Nitro," or on pay-per-view events, there will be a disclaimer that explains that the wrestlers in the matches are characters and the WWE does not endorse anything that happened in the wrestler's real lives.

They will not mention Chris Benoit by name in these disclaimers.

However, fans who are still uncomfortable with Chris Benoit after his actions can take comfort in the fact that the WWE has no plans to use Benoit or his matches in any of their new shows, including the compilations such as the "Countdown" show that will countdown the best moves, matches, cruiserweights, moments and more.

There is no word yet on the commentary during Chris Benoit's matches, but it is assumed that it will remain intact. Benoit was recently used in two different WWE releases, the "Money in the Bank" and history of "Raw" DVDs, but the commentary muted when they talked about him.

There was also news released that the WWE 1999 "Over the Edge" pay-per-view that saw the death of Owen Hart will be re-edited to remove Hart from the broadcast in respect to his family.

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