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WWE Network: TNA star Austin Aries talks about how it affects wrestling

WWE Network: Austin Aries talks about the effects
WWE Network: Austin Aries talks about the effects
TNA Impact Wrestling

When the WWE Network was revealed, it was met with a lot of excitement by wrestling fans, but over time a large number are fearing doom and gloom scenarios because of it. According to on Jan. 18, TNA Impact Wrestling star Austin Aries is one of the people who thinks it will be a positive addition for professional wrestling.

The excitement is that a large library of classic wrestling will be available for wrestling fans and that the pay-per-views will finally be affordable once again for wrestling fans to watch and enjoy. Some of the fears include people who feel that pay-per-views will lose their importance this way and the fact that the WWE Network is on the Internet limits people watching it.

Aries pointed out that the later complaint is one that really doesn't hold water anymore. He said that more and more people are watching things through the Internet and cable television is not as important as it used to be. He said the medium is changing and transforming and the WWE is, as always, ahead of the curve.

The fact that there are things like the PlayStation and X-Box that allows viewers to watch Internet programming on television, as well as Smart TVs makes this something that won't cause anyone to really have to change how they watch the product. The argument that people can only watch it on their computers is false.

Austin Aries also said that there is no way the WWE Network can be seen as a negative because it will open up a lot more opportunities for more programming and shows because most professional wrestlers are talented in and out of the ring and will have more chances to show their talents and make more money.