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WWE Network reality show ideas survey sent out to fans

WWE Network reality show ideas
WWE Network reality show ideas

The WWE has one reality show on the way for the WWE Network in the "Legends House," which puts a number of classic WWE stars under one roof similar to a "Big Brother" styled show. According to on March 20, the WWE just sent out a survey to fans to see what else they would like to see in reality shows on the WWE Network.

The best idea of the bunch was for a show called "NXT: Behind the Scenes." The description read that the show would follow NXT wrestlers as they trained and worked while delving into their personal lives as they attempt to make the big league. It sounds like "Tough Enough," but without eliminations outside of the occasional cuts.

The rest of the shows seemed like retreads of other reality shows with the wrestling spin on them. There was a bounty hunter show with former star Steve Blackman, which is similar to Dog the Bounty Hunter or Steven Seagal.

There were competition shows including a wrestling themed "Pros vs. Joes," "Xtreme WWE Collector," which is a toy hunt styled show, and "WWE Ultimate Challenge," a spin on the "Great Race."

Other ideas included "WWE Rescue," where WWE stars help "super fans" with personal or business problems, "WWE Dirty Jobs," where WWE stars attempt unpleasant jobs, "WWE Around the World," with stars doing scary or gross things, and "WWE Prankdown," where WWE stars pull pranks on super fans like a WWE version of "Punk'd."