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WWE Network: projected 8 million subscribers, statement on technical issues

WWE Network: projected 8 million subscribers, statement released on technical issues
WWE Network: projected 8 million subscribers, statement released on technical issues
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On February 24, the WWE revolutionized the industry by launching their WWE Network. This exclusively online platform saw at least 250,000 fans sign up on the first day. These numbers are well on the way to the 2 to 4 million subscribers that the WWE believes they will eventually reach. However, those projections might be on the low side. According to a February 28 report by, market analyst Robert Routh thinks the WWE could double or triple those numbers:

"I think the company is smartly being conservative. It has large global fan base, and it's continuing to grow. In the long term I think the network could attract millions more, perhaps up to 6 to 8 million subscribers."

Routh, the director of research at National Alliance Capital Markets, is on to something here. The global reach of the WWE continues to grow. While the U.S. market may be limited, the global market has a great deal of potential. Additionally, with the WWE eventually having all of their PPVs on the Network, new original content, and more of their 130,000 hour library uploaded, subscriptions will definitely continue to grow.

Unfortunately, the WWE Network is still suffering from a variety of technical issues. These issues reached their peak on Thursday night during the highly anticipated WWE NXT Arrival live event. The WWE was forced to release the following official statement via their Network:

"During tonight's live NXT ArRIVAL special, we unfortunately experienced technical difficulties, which are to be expected when launching a new digital network. We will work aggressively to solve these glitches and deliver quality service. The complete event will be available on-demand overnight."

Many fans are frustrated over the nagging technical issues. Although the WWE is putting on a happy face when publicly commenting about these issues, they are definitely frustrated as well. The company spent over $75 million dollars on the Network and the last thing they wanted was to have any setbacks.

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