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WWE Network now working on Xbox 360 consoles

The WWE Network is finally live on Xbox 360
The WWE Network is finally live on Xbox 360

It was a long week for those wishing to watch the WWE Network on the Xbox 360, as the heavily anticipated app wasn't working. The majority of those attempting to log in on the console were stopped in their tracks with an error claiming that the username and password were not recognized.

This glitch has been corrected in an update launched Monday, March 3. Xbox 360 subscribers should now be able to log in.

Content on the 360 version of the Network seems to be lighter than on the PC or device versions, thought not as light as some on Twitter have stated. An on-screen prompt to "view all 48" options in the Pay-Per-View vault is misleading some to believe that only 48 individual PPV shows are available on the 360.

We can confirm this is not so. There are 48 PPV titles available. Choosing them allows users to choose which year of those titled events to choose from, though some options within those categories are not present.

The WWE Network runs $9.99 per month and is generating a lot of buzz by offering live PPV events, including the upcoming WrestleMania XXX, as part of the subscription package.