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WWE Network announced: The WWE announced the cost and all the shows available

WWE announcement
WWE announcement
Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The WWE made a huge announcement on Jan. 8 from Las Vegas at the Electronics Consumers Electronics Show. The big announcement was made by the Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon himself in front of a large audience and broadcast live on and he announced the WWE Network, which goes live on Feb. 24.

McMahon started the announcement by saying that he is not only the man who runs the WWE but is also a huge fan of the WWE and then showed a video presentation. John Legend, Hugh Jackman, and more talked about how much they loved the WWE and then they showed some examples of how the WWE is so huge on social media and in the mainstream media as well. The video was pretty much a chance to show how successful the WWE.

Then, Vince McMahon announced the launch of the WWE Network.

McMahon brought out Michelle Wilson to discuss the new WWE Network. She compared this to McMahon’s starting of Wrestlemania on closed circuit television 30 years ago. The new WWE Network will be available online through all devices with 24 hour, around-the-clock scheduled programming. She said there are 62 million homes in the United States with a wrestling fan in the home.

She also threw out some impressive stats about how WWE fans are willing to pay for on demand networks, comparing it to Netflix and Hulu Plus.

It will include all 12 WWE pay-per-view events, including Wrestlemania, plus NXT, Smackdown, and a soon-to-come live studio show. On its launch, every single WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view will be available. Also, past years of Raw and Smackdown will also be involved.

It will only cost $9.99 per month, wth a six month commitment, which is over $40 less than a single pay-per-view. It will be included on Roku, Kindle Fire, Xbox, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, android tablets or iPads, and will be available soon on Smart TV’s as well. She also announced that they will present the WWE Network in other countries soon as well.

Stephanie McMahon then came out to talk about what all is on the WWE Network. She said there will pre and post shows for the Raw and Smackdown shows. NXT will also be shown on the WWE Network. There will also be the “WWE Legends House,” which is a reality show where WWE legends live together under one roof “Big Brother” style. Also included will be a new series called “Wrestlemania Rewind” where legends tell the stories from Wrestlemania history.

Stephanie McMahon then brought out her husband Triple H and Shawn Michaels. They came out to announce “WWE Countdown” where the viewers get to vote on and rank the best of the WWE history (moments, managers, tag teams, etc.). They next announced the next show “The Monday Night War,” which traces the history of the legendary WWE vs. WCW war.

That brought out “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He announced that fans can relive the WWE Attitude Era uncut and unedited and just talked about how great it was going to be.

Stephanie McMahon then wrapped up the presentation with a recap of what fans can see with the WWE Network.

Perkins Miller, the executive vice-president of Digital Media, came out next to show everyone how everything will work. First, you go to and sign up for an account online. Once you buy it on, you can then watch it on any available devices. If you are late in getting to a show, you can watch from the beginning, so you don’t miss anything.

There is also a “Remind Me” option where a text message will be sent to you when the show is about to start. Some shows will also feature “second screen experienced.” There is also the large amount of Video on Demand material, including over 300 WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views, as well as a list of favorite moments.

Out next was Bob Bowman, the President and CEO of MLB Advanced Media. He said that they started working with the WWE six months ago on this project. He talks about how different things are now than they were when WWE started doing pay-per-views and compared it to how successful MLB TV is each year, and how this is the biggest thing they have ever done as a company.

John Cena came out next. He announced when the WWE Network will kick off, and he said that Feb. 24 right after “WWE Monday Night Raw” ends, the WWE Network goes live. The very first PPV that will air on the WWE Network is Wrestlemania 30.

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