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WWE ‘Money in the Bank’ rumors: Cesaro in line for a big push

Cesaro in line for a push
Cesaro in line for a push
Photo from WWE Twitter

The June WWE pay-per-view is “Money in the Bank,” which has traditionally held two Money in the Bank ladder matches to determine who will fight for the WWE and world titles. Since those two titles were combined into one title last year, there will just be one Money in the Bank ladder match at this year’s event. According to Wrestling News Source on Friday, the frontrunner to win the WWE match is Cesaro.

Ever since they moved Cesaro from Zeb Colter and the Real Americans to Paul Heyman, he has been earmarked for the main event. Strangely, Heyman was once one of the most successful managers in the WWE for many years, but his last few clients have not fared as well. The WWE put Curtis Axel with him, along with a fancy ring entrance, and he went nowhere fast. They moved Ryback to him and that was dropped quickly.

Now, Cesaro went from being a very popular villain with Zeb Colter to a wrestler who the fans don’t get behind as much with Heyman by his side. There are big rumors that the WWE wants Cesaro to be their third top face wrestler when he finally breaks away from Heyman later this year. The word is that he could be third to only John Cena and Daniel Bryan in the face ranks. Of course, this also depends on how Roman Reigns is handled.

This weekend at “WWE Payback,” Cesaro is set to face Sheamus for the U.S. Championship. While Cesaro has held this title before, the move to put the belt on him could help raise his stature in the WWE some. However, if he is to fight in the Money in the Bank match next month, that will mean a win could put the U.S. title on the sidelines for one pay-per-view while he fights for the briefcase.

The thought right now is that Cesaro will win the Money in the Bank match and then win the WWE World Championship when he cashes it in. This could possibly lead to his eventual split with Paul Heyman and a Brock Lesnar win down the line. With Roman Reigns earmarked for the world title, there is some thought he will fight either Lesnar or The Rock at “Wrestlemania 31” for the title.