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WWE 'Money in the Bank' 2014 recap, results: Who is the new champion?

WWE "Money in the Bank"
WWE "Money in the Bank"

On the evening of Sunday, June 29, 2014, WWE presented one of the most anticipated and thrilling events of the year with the annual "Money in the Bank" Pay-Per-View (PPV). This year, two big ladder matches were on the card with one being for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and another for the title match contract.

Who walked out as the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

If you have not seen the show yet or simply don't want to know the results, then stop reading now.

~ On the pre-show, Daniel Bryan came out to a gigantic ovation and said he will likely end up needing a second surgery which will have him out of action indefinitely. Bo Dallas interrupted the interview and did his bit before Bryan called him a "Bo-ner" and told him to "Bo-Leave."

~ The Usos retained the WWE tag titles by defeating the Wyatt Family in a great opening match. This was just an incredible tag match with a lot of high spots from both teams and a ton of action. The ending came with a big sequence in which Rowan was caught in a double suplex and hit with a double top-rope splash for the pin.

Luke Harper doing duel slingshot planchas onto both Usos was fantastic.

~ Paige defeated Naomi to retain the Divas title. A big messed up spot in the middle of the match saw both women hit the floor hard, but they were alright. It wasn't a bad match at all and ended with Paige hitting an elevated DDT for the win. Cameron was shown happy that her friend lost.

~ Adam Rose defeated Damien Sandow dressed as Paul Revere in a filler match. Nothing of much relevance here.

~ Seth Rollins was able to win the Monety in the Bank contract ladder match in what was quite incredible for about 90 percent of it. There was a lot that happened throughout the match and a ton of big spots, but the ending was unexpected and could have been different.

Dean Ambrose was close to grabbing the briefcase when Kane's music hit and he came out to chokeslam Ambrose down. Kane then held the ladder for Rollins to go up and grab it and then The Authority came out to congratulate him.

~ Goldust and Stardust picked up the win over Rybaxel to get the team formerly known as the Brotherhood back on the winning track. Cody Rhodes as Stardust is pure genius and perfect to go along with the long-living brilliance of Goldust.

It wasn't a bad match and ended with Stardust rolling up Curtis Axel for the win.

~ Rusev defeats Big E for the second straight PPV as the two behemoths battled it out with lots of strength in a decent match. Big E had some good offense until Rusev took the advantage by stomping him down and locking in the Accolade for the submission victory.

~ Fandango came out in full-on sparkly referee shirt and it led to Layla defeating Summer Rae with a big kick to the head. This was not a good match, and it ended with Layla and Fandango making out while Summer Rae cried.

~ John Cena was able to come out on top - as predicted - in the Money in the Bank championship ladder match. This was just an absolutely phenomenal match with some amazing spots and fantastic innovation that almost defied logistic reality at times. Roman Reigns came off looking like even more of a star than he already is, and truly proved he can hold his own with all the main event talent.

Everyone in the match had their chance at the titles at one point or another, but it was Cena reaching up at the end and pulling them down. If you have the chance, watch the replay of this event for the two ladder matches, if nothing else.

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