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WWE Monday Night Raw: San Antonio results

According to a March 17 post from Bleacher Report, Triple H made the shocking announcement during the March 17 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that the Wrestlemania XXX main event between Randy Orton and Batista has been turned into a triple-threat match.

Triple H battles Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX, and whoever wins that bout will be a part of the main event with Orton and Batista.

Triple H is confident he'll be able to defeat Bryan to earn his way into the main event.

The March 17 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, which was filmed in San Antonio, Texas, featured Triple H trolling the crowd by telling them he was going to single-handedly end the "Yes Movement" by destroying Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX.

Batista and Randy Orton both confronted Triple H during WWE Monday Night Raw. Batista and Orton are both extremely upset that the Wrestlemania XXX main event is now a triple-threat match.

They would prefer it to be a head-to-head clash.

Following the opening segment of WWE Monday Night Raw, Batista was seen walking out of the arena in a bad mood. Batista told the WWE reporter on hand that he regrets coming back to the WWE fold.

Also on the WWE Monday Night Raw card, The Real Americans earned a surprise upset win over The Usos.

In the weeks leading up to the San Antonio event, The Usos had been cruising and The Real Americans seemed to be on the verge of breaking up.

With that said, it's a bit surprising The Usos lost in San Antonio.

Also on the San Antonio card, Randy Orton took on Daniel Bryan in a no disqualification bout, and The Shield confronted Kane.

Here's a look at the results of the WWE Monday Night Raw event that went down in San Antonio:

  • The Real Americans def. The Usos
  • Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
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