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WWE 'Monday Night Raw' recap, results: Bryan taken out, Cena vs The Wyatts

WWE "Extreme Rules"
WWE "Extreme Rules"

A lot has already happened since WWE "WrestleMania XXX" with new champions, the death of a legend, and so much more. The new year of wrestling has officially begun and on April 21, 2014, WWE "Monday Night Raw" went down with a lot on the line as the company gets ever closer to "Extreme Rules," and some are already taking it too far.

Kane has returned to his ways as the "Big Red Machine."

Below is a full recap and all of the results of "Raw" so if you haven't yet seen the show, stop reading now.

~ Daniel Bryan came out to the ring and met his new wife, Brie Bella, but he is out there with a heavy heart as his father suddenly passed away on Monday. Before saying anything, Stephanie McMahon came out to say he would defend the WWE title against Kane at "Extreme Rules."

Kane then came out and just destroyed Bryan with a tombstone on the ground, one on the steel steps, and one on the announce table. Bryan had to be stretchered off to the back.

~ Bad News Barrett defeated Sheamus in the first semifinal match to determine the number one contender for the Intercontinental title. Barrett is truly getting a huge push as he ended up hitting Sheamus with the Bullhammer Elbow for the clean win after a good match.

~ A promo for Bo Dallas aired and he wants everyone to "BO-lieve."

~ The Wyatts appeared on stage and Bray gave another excellent promo in which he is easily turning the "people" against John Cena. At the end, he got everyone to sing "He's got the whole world in his hands" with him.

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~ Los Matadores and El Torito defeated 3MB and Hornswoggle in a match where everyone is absolutely pointless.

~ Evolution came to the ring and they spoke of coming back together and how The Shield has no idea what they've gotten themselves into. The Shield then came out to the ring as Evolution retreated to the stage. All members of The Shield spoke and then went after Evolution but Triple H brought out 11 wrestlers to protect them.

~ A vignette aired for Adam Rose and he is going to be brilliant.

~ The Usos defeated The Brotherhood while Rybaxel was on commentary. It was a good match, but not long enough. After the match, Cody Rhodes shoved Goldust and left while Rybaxel took apart the Usos.

~ Emma hit the Cobra on Layla for a quick victory while Santino and Fandango did stupid things at ringside. This was not necessary.

~ John Cena said he understand the WWE Universe will do what they want to do and cheer for who they want to cheer. He said there are only two more weeks until he gets to have Bray Wyatt in a cage.

~ RVD ended up defeating Cesaro via countout after Jack Swagger came down and shoved Cesaro into a ring post. This sent RVD into the finals of the IC tournament to face Bad News Barrett. Cesaro tried to put Zeb Colter in the Swing after the match, but Swagger broke it up.

Backstage, Cesaro and Paul Heyman confronted RVD who said he was fine with his win. RVD did tell Cesaro to keep his house, wallet, and everything away from Heyman if he wants to make it in this business.

~ Paige won over Aksana with the Scorpion Cross Lock. Aksana used her power throughout the match, but Paige was able to come back and take control in a pretty good divas match.

~ Alexander Rusev defeated Sin Cara in a match where Sin Cara looked a lot more impressive than he should have looked.

~ The Wyatt Family ran down and destroyed Cena before the match began, but in the end, Cena won by disqualification. The Wyatts destroyed Cena throughout the match, but he still would get in some super-power offense from time-to-time. Rowan and Harper end up causing the DQ for the Cena win, but then he gets beat down again.

Bray Wyatt eventually hits the Sister Abigail on Cena and sings "He's got the whole world in his hands" over Cena as the show comes to a close.

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