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WWE 'Monday Night Raw' recap, results: Super Cena returns

John Cena and Brock Lesnar are gearing up for their rematch.
John Cena and Brock Lesnar are gearing up for their rematch.

"SumemrSlam" is now a thing of the past and the superstars of WWE are heading toward "Night of Champions" and a big rematch between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. There are many other things going on though, and a lot happened on the evening of Aug. 25, 2014, at WWE "Monday Night Raw."

If you have not yet seen the show or simply don't want to know the results, then stop reading now.

~ "Raw" kicks off with a Hall of Fame panel consisting of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels. They talk about Cena's rematch with Lesnar, and Hogan is really the only one that thinks Cena has a chance. Cena then comes out and cuts a somewhat intense promo saying he will beat Lesnar's a**.

This was pointless and nowhere near the real intensity that Cena has gotten in the past.

~ Rusev defeated Jack Swagger after the ref stopped the match. The ref stopped it when Rusev was destroying Swagger because the "Real American" could no longer defend himself. It make sense to build Rusev into a monster if that's what WWE is trying to do, but why at Swagger's expense?

~ Backstage, Swagger runs into Bo Dallas who tells him that he can come back if will just BO-lieve.

~ Cesaro defeated Rob Van Dam to become the number one contender to Sheamus' United States title. Sheamus was out there for commentary and Cesaro actually got distracted by him which allowed RVD to gain control for a while. The finish came when Cesaro started to dominate and hit the Neutralizer for the pin.

After the match, Cesaro grabbed the U.S. title and threw it at Sheamus.

~ Paige defeated Natalya in a short, but good divas match. Paige got the win with the Paige Turner, and that then brought AJ Lee out to the ring. Paige jumped back into the ring and Nattie hit her with the Hart Punch. This led AJ to grab a mic and go "Crazy AJ" and say said she loved Paige.

~ Kane came out to deliver the eulogy of Dean Ambrose, but he would rather celebrate Seth Rollins. kane said The Authority always wins and Rollins said it's possible they never see Ambrose again. Roman Reigns than came out once Rollins said he created and destroyed The Shield.

Reigns fought Kane and then tackled Rollins into the corner and whipped him into a podium. Reigns used the podium to hit Rollins and then goes for a Superman Punch, but Kane rescues him.

~ The Brothers Dust defeated the Usos by count-out. After the match, Goldust says the Usos should be "ashamed" by winning by count-out on purpose. Jimmy Uso says Jey was hurt and that was why the match ended the way it did. The Brothers Dust then attack the Usos outside the ring and destroy them en route to turning heel.

~ A match is made for Rollins and Reigns to take on Reigns later in the night.

~ A taped sit-down interview with Brock Lesnar aired and it was much more intense than Cena's live promo earlier.

~ The Miz comes out and says this since he's a Hollywood star, his stunt double will take his place against Dolph Ziggler. His stunt double happens to be Damien Miz-dow, and he played up copying The Miz perfectly, but still lost to the Zig Zag.

~ The Bellas come out to possibly reconcile, but they just ripped on each other. At the end, Nikkie attacked Brie. This went on way too long.

~ Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins and Kane by disqualification. This wasn't a bad match and Reigns hit a spear on Kane and went for the pin, but Rollins used his briefcase to break it up and cause the DQ.

Rollins and Kane start beating down Reigns and the duo reveal more cinder blocks at ringside. Reigns fought back and Rollins ended up running away while Kane got the Superman Punch to end it.

~ Los Matadores defeated Slater Gator in a dull match.

~ Bo Dallas defeated Kofi Kingston with the Bo-Dog in another kind of boring and short match. Jack Swagger comes out, but Dallas says both he and Kofi could learn by BO-lieveing. Swagger powerslams Dallas to end the segment.

~ The main event had John Cena start out beating down Bray Wyatt hard. Cena even was yelling at Wyatt to "stay down," but then he gave him three German suplexes and continued to beat him down. The Wyatt Family ended up interfering, but Big Show and Mark Henry came out to even the sides and set up a six-man tag match.

The Wyatts ended up getting control of the Biggest Tag Team in the World while keeping Cena on the apron. Super Cena then comes in and makes Harper tap to the STFU. He then destroys the Wyatts by himself.

Cena didn't look intense or dominant here. He looked pathetic and like he was trying to copy Lesnar with all the German suplexes. Why let the Wyatts be destroyed?

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