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WWE 'Monday Night Raw' recap, results: Did CM Punk return to 'Raw' in Chicago?

WWE "Monday Night Raw"
WWE "Monday Night Raw"

The talk about WWE "Monday Night Raw" on March 3, 2014, is more than there has been in months, but will it all be worth it? With the show taking place in Chicago, the hometown of CM Punk, the world simply wanted to know if the "best in the world" was going to show up as has been rumored and buzzed and confirmed and not confirmed.

Daniel Bryan had a lot to do, but did CM Punk show up?

What really happened? If you haven't seen the show or simply don't want to know the results, stop reading now because the the full results of "Monday Night Raw" are in the recap below.

~ CM Punk's music hits and the crowd goes nuts, but after a minute or two, out walks Paul Heyman. He comes out and works up the crowd before sitting in the ring with a "pipebomb" of his own, and it's about the "Paul Heyman Guy," CM Punk.

Heyman blames the fans for Punk leaving and then out comes Brock Lesnar. He states how he will end the streak of Undertaker at "WrestleMania XXX." This brings out Mark Henry who gets demolished and given an F-5 through the announce table. Great opening segment.

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~ The Usos defeat the New Age Outlaws to capture the tag-team titles. This was actually another good match between these two teams that saw the reign of NAO end with a superkick and big splash for the win.

~ Big E defeated Cesaro by disqualification when Jack Swagger interfered for some reason. Cesaro got angry and there was tension again between the Real Americans.

~ The Wyatt Family defeated The Shield in a fantastic six-man tag match when Bray Wyatt hit Dean Ambrose with Sister Abigail for the pin. Near the end, Seth Rollins walked out on The Shield.

~ Baatista continued the heel movement as he said that Daniel Bryan isn't even a real WWE superstar and that the "YES movement" is stupid.

~ Santino and Emma defeated Fandango and Summer Rae in a mixed tag match. Please get Emma away from Santino and put her on her own. Please.

~ Sheamus defeated Christian in a pretty good match that actually saw great offense from both men, but this match-up is getting old already. Sheamus ended up nailing Christian with the Brogue Kick for the win. After the match, Christian attacked Sheamus backstage and hit him with a stage light.

~ The Bella Twins defeated Alicia Fox and Aksana.

~ Daniel Bryan came out and went back and forth with Triple H, but it pretty much led to nothing again. Kane eventually called out and Bryan dove out of the ring on him. During this, Bryan challenged Trips again, but it got him nowhere.

~ Dolph Ziggler was driven out to the ring by Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad." Strangely enough, Ziggler then defeated Alberto Del Rio in a pretty short match. Ziggler got out of a cross armbreaker attempt and nailed Del Rio with the ZigZag.

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~ Paul Bearer was then announced as the next member of this year's WWE Hall of Fame class.

~ Big E defeated Jack Swagger by disqualification after Cesaro entered the ring as soon as the bell rang and hit the Neutralizer on Big E. The Real Americans pushed each other around, but Colter intervened and had them hug it out and say, "We The People."

~ John Cena is out and thanks all the fans and everything and starts talking more, but then the Wyatt Family comes out. Bray Wyatt cuts an awesome promo on how he is going to take everything away from Cena.

~ Randy Orton came out to watch the main event match between Daniel Bryan and Batista. During the early part of the match, Batista dominated but then Bryan got the upper-hand in a big way. Finally, The Authority came out and distracted Bryan so Batista could start beating him down.

Batista threw Bryan over Orton in his chair. Orton then got in the ring and hit Bryan before getting thrown out. Bryan attempted to take out The Authority, but Batista speared him and it caused Trips to get in the ring.

Bryan kicked Triple H in the face before being hit with a Batista Bomb. Triple H hit a Pedigree on Bryan and the show ended with The Authority standing tall and the crowd still chanting "CM PUNK!"

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