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WWE 'Monday Night Raw' recap, results: Can Daniel Bryan go?

Daniel Bryan had his title stripped form him due to his neck injury.
Daniel Bryan had his title stripped form him due to his neck injury.

News broke earlier on Monday, June 9, 2014, that Daniel Bryan's neck was not healing fast enough and he was not medically cleared to wrestle. A big announcement had been reported to be coming to start WWE "Monday Night Raw," and that was exactly what happened as The Authority came out and revealed that Bryan was to be stripped of the WWE title immediately.

Below are the results and a full recap of WWE "Monday Night Raw," so if you haven't seen it or don't want to know what happened, then stop reading now.

~ Triple H and Stephanie come out to the ring and get proof from a doctor that Daniel Bryan has not been cleared to wrestle and he would be stripped of the title. Now, the ladder match at WWE "Money in the Bank" would be for the WWE title and not just a title shot.

Trips also announced a six-man tag for later that would likely become a handicap match if The Shield couldn't find a partner to face the Wyatt Family.

~ Sheamus defeated Bad News Barrett in a qualifier for the MITB ladder match. This was an extremely good match and not saying that Sheamus shouldn't be included in the ladder match, but why exclude Barrett? One of the most popular guys in WWE right now and he's beaten cleanly and left out. Makes no sense.

~ The Wyatts cut a family saying that all men have urges and The Shield fell to the faults of man and they will burn for it.

~ Lana came out and cut an anti-USA promo before Rusev destroyed Zack Ryder. After the match, a Russian flag dropped down over the ring and it still appears like there is no direction for him.

~ Goldust was partnered with R-Truth this week, but Rybaxel won again in a short match.

~ 3MB was in the ring before The Shield came down and decimated them. Dean Ambrose sent Drew McIntyre over the barricade with a clothesline. Roman Reigns destroyed Heath Slater with a spear on stage.

Ambrose then cut a promo about the "cancer" inside of The Shield that was Seth Rollins. During the promo, Rollins was shown listening in the back, but wearing a suit. Reigns then got on the mic and put down all of Evolution before saying he was coming for Triple H so they could have their own "Game of Thrones."

~ The Usos made quick work of Fandango and Damien Sandow.

~ Bo Dallas cut a promo about Daniel Bryan saying that he could recover quickly and come back if he simply "BO-lieved." Dallas then made quick work of Xavier Woods with the Bo-Dog.

~ Paul Heyman came out and talked about Brock Lesnar and then introduced Cesaro for his match with Rob Van Dam. RVD put up a pretty good fight, but Cesaro overpowered him and hit the Neutralizer for the win.

~ Michael Cole interviewed Seth Rollins and the recently turned member of The Shield said he was simply doing what was best for business. He said he learned a lot from Evolution and that he simply had to sever his business relationship with Ambrose and Reigns.

At that point, The Shield hit the ring, but so did Rowan and Harper from the Wyatts. The Shield tried to get Rollins, but Bray Wyatt jumped in to outnumber them before John Cena ran out and Rollins ran off. It was then announced that Cena would team with The Shield against the Wyatts.

~ Paige defeated Alicia Fox, and it's time for the push of Fox to be done. The "crazy" gimmick has already gotten old, but Fox proceeds to attack Aksana, be strange, and then apologize.

~ Jack Swagger defeated Santino in a pointless match.

~ Cody Rhodes tells Goldust that he has a partner for him next week that will magnify his magnificence.

~ John Cena and The Shield prevailed in the main event. The Wyatts dominated a lot of the match and took the majority of the punishment out on Ambrose. He finally got the hot tag to Cena, but the Wyatts started to take control once again until Reigns was tagged in. The power of The Shield hits a gigantic spear to Harper and makes the pin.

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