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WWE 'Monday Night Raw' recap, results: Batista returns to the WWE

"The Animal" has officially returned to WWE.
"The Animal" has officially returned to WWE.

The WWE "Royal Rumble" is this upcoming weekend, and that simply means this is the last week of TV shows before one of the biggest events of the year. On Jan. 20, 2014, WWE "Monday Night Raw" took place, and it brought forth a lot of action, but the biggest news was the official return to WWE of "The Animal," Batista.

Below is a full recap and all the results of WWE "Monday Night Raw." If you have not yet seen the show or don't want to know what happened, then stop reading now.

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~ Triple H and Stephanie McMahon start out the show in the ring and Trips said the road to "WrestleMania" begins on Sunday with the "Royal Rumble." Triple H was about to welcome back Batista until Randy Orton came out, but Steph blasted him for now following the rules of The Authority.

Triple H made a rematch between Orton and Kofi Kingston, and that was when Batista returned. Batista said he was back to win the "Royal Rumble," head to "WrestleMania," and take the WWE title.

~ The Shield defeated Big E Langston and the Brotherhood in a six-man tag match. This was yet another great match where everyone got involved, and it ended with Seth Rollins hitting the Curb Stomp on Big E for the win.

~ Daniel Bryan hit the ring and gave a great promo about how he planned the whole thing until he got Bray Wyatt alone one-on-one in the cage. On Sunday, Bryan knows he will get Wyatt alone on Sunday because Rowan and Harper are in the rumble match.

~ Fandango defeated Xavier Woods in a match that lasted all of a minute. That was pointless.

~ Stephanie McMahon told Kane he had to go apologize to CM Punk for chokeslamming him on Friday night. Kane hit the ring and had Punk come out and the corporate machine apologized. Punk hit Kane with a mic and knocked him outside of the ring. Brad Maddox then had the New Age Outlaws come out and Billy Gunn get in a fight with Punk.

This actually wasn't a bad match at all, and it had Road Dogg get involved on a few occasions. At the end, Punk caught Gunn with the GTS and got the win. Kane congratulated Punk on his win, and then made Punk the number one entrant in Sunday's "Royal Rumble" match.

~ A "Royal Rumble" promo showing "By The Numbers" aired and it was followed by a tribute video to the late Mae Young.

~ Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio in yet another match between these two. Mysterio is still not enjoyable and Del Rio has lost every single bit of his steam over the past year. After it was over, Batista came out to confront Del Rio, hit a spinebuster, and then a Batista Bomb.

~ Big Show arrived in the ring and gave credit to Brock Lesnar, but still doesn't like him. Paul Heyman and Lesnar come, but Lesnar laughed at Big Show. After getting in the ring, Lesnar couldn't take down Show, but Show eventually got him out of the ring. Lesnar tore up the ringside before walking to the back.

~ The Funkadactyls defeated AJ Lee and Tamina as the Divas division still has no idea what to do.

~ The Usos defeated the Wyatt Family (Rowan and Harper) in a truly great tag team match. The Wyatts dominated a lot of the match, but that was when Bray Wyatt took the mic and said they were going to punish the Usos due to the actions of Daniel Bryan.

Jimmy got the upper-hand as did both Usos before Bryan came out to take out Bray Wyatt. This distracted Harper long enough for Jey to roll him up for the win.

~ Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston ended in a no contest after another pretty good match, but there was no way it was going to end clean. During the middle of the match, John Cena arrives at the arena and heads out to the ring to confront Orton for beating up his dad last week.

They start fighting out into the crowd and Cena almost lands an AA on Orton on the stairs, but he escapes. Orton ends up throwing a fan into Cena's way, jumping into a car, and escaping.

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