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WWE 'Monday Night Raw' recap, results: Ambrose, Rollins rule the show

Roman Reigns was decimated by Kane on "Raw."
Roman Reigns was decimated by Kane on "Raw."

With "SummerSlam" only a few weeks away, the build toward the end of the summer event is heating up with each and every show. On the evening of Aug. 4, 2014, WWE had its weekly "Monday Night Raw," and there was a lot that went down including a big match between Kane and Roman Reigns. It's time to find out all that happened with the results with a full recap of "Raw."

If you don't want to know the results or haven't yet seen the show, stop reading now.

~ The Authority hit the ring in full to start things off. Triple H went over "SummerSlam" and the WWE Network before saying Dean Ambrose will face Alberto Del Rio while Seth Rollins will take on RVD in "Beat the Clock" matches. Whoever wins their match the quickest gets to pick their "SummerSlam" stipulation.

Steph then talks about tonight's contract signing with Brie Bell. Randy Orton then said he wants to destroy Roman Reigns, who then comes out. He says he's ready to beat down Orton, but Trips tell him he has a match with Kane right now in a "Last Man Standing Match."

~ This ended up being a much better match than expected and it included Reigns getting chokeslammed through a table, but he still got up. The ending came when Reigns nailed Kane with a Superman Punch and spears him. Kane stays down for the 10-count.

~ A video promo airs for Brock Lesnar and John Cena, with the latter being all serious about how he's going to rise above all.

~ Damien Sandow came out and continued his comedy routine, but Mark Henry returned to demolish him.

~ Adam Rose does a horror-movie bit backstage to promote "Oculus."

~ Dean Ambrose defeated Alberto Del Rio in another good match, and he won in a little over 15 minutes to set the pace for Rollins later. Del Rio looked better than he has in months, but Ambrose won with Dirty Deeds after countering the cross armbreaker.

~ Rusev defeated Sin Cara during the commercial break, but it could only be seen on the WWE App. Really?

Lana then sings "Happy Birthday" to President Obama in Russian, and that brought out Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Rusev and Swagger discussed their upcoming flag match before Rusev attacks with the flag. Lana mocked "We The People" to end the segment.

~ Dolph Ziggler defeats Cesaro in an absolute squash. The Miz hits the ring, taunts Ziggler, and raises his Intercontinental belt in the air. Ziggler says he will see him at "SummerSlam" for their match. Ziggler went for a superkick, but Miz moved out of the way.

~ Paige says she looks forward to "SummerSlam" so she can face AJ Lee, her best friend and idol.

~ The Golden Starry Brotherhood defeated Rybaxel easily.

~ Kane entered the office of The Authority and took off his mask. He handed it to Steph and just walked away without saying a word.

~ Chris Jericho took on Luke Harper this week, and he won again, but by disqualification. The match was really short as Bray hit ringside for a distraction, but Jericho hit The Wyatts each with a Codebreaker. Bray then jimps in the ring and his Jericho with a Sister Abigail.

~ Diego defeated Fandango again. This time, Hornswoggle came out with Fandango, but this gimmick has run its course. Diego had Layla, Summer Rae, and El Torito with him.

~ Randy Orton was interviewed by Renee Young and said he was going to kick Roman Reigns' head off.

~ Bo Dallas defeated R-Truth in yet another quick match.

~ Bray Wyatt cuts a promo and states that he is the nightmare at the end of the dream for Chris Jericho. Lots of short segments and matches this evening.

~ RVD comes out for his match, but it is announced that Heath Slater has to face Seth Rollins instead. Rollins tries to get the easy win, but Slater won't let it happen. Dean Ambrose comes out during the match and keeps taunting Rollins. He even opens the briefcase and tears the MITB contract apart.

After a lot of distractions by Ambrose, he finally gets Rollins attention away from the match. That's when Slater rolls him up for the upset win.

~ Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella are in the ring for the contract signing. Triple H again puts over the WWE Network and lets the ladies handle their business. The girls go back and forth about husbands for a bit, and then Brie says she will beat Steph and embarrass her.

Stephanie ends up hitting Nikki Bella with a Pedigree and then hits one on Brie Bella to end the show.

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